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A Random Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday morning. A random kind of morning, nothing particularly notable. A typical, cold winter morning.

A Tuesday morning, not even a full 48 hours from when the Church last came together in worship and hearing God’s Word. And yet, because of this life’s challenges (work, pain, stress, illness, etc), it feels like Sunday was a week ago.

The kind of Sunday you yearn for. The kind of Sunday you won’t soon forget. The kind of Sunday you felt God’s Incredible Presence all around you, connecting the lost and comforting the hurting. The kind of Sunday the sermon spoke to your soul and you responded to His Word with full-on courage and confidence in Jesus Christ. The kind of Sunday you surrendered everything you had to your Savior.

But today…it’s Tuesday, when the world is clamoring for your attention. Don’t get me wrong, meeting needs of people is wonderful and often Biblical when done correctly. In fact, I find great joy in serving.

However, if our thirst for time in His Word, prayer and worship isn’t replenished, our well runs dry. Only His Well offers truly sustainable satisfaction, Friend.

This morning, this random Tuesday morning, I stumbled upon this verse in my quiet time with God. It served me well as a gentle reminder of the Holy Spirit’s Presence with me. That though this past Sunday morning felt so long ago, the teachings of our Lord remain with me. They guide, quiet and empower me everyday. That Truth, His Truth, provides comfort on my random Tuesdays, full-church Sundays and everyday in between.

Be in His Word. Allow the God of the universe to speak into you. Open your mind to the presence of the Holy Spirit. You will find peaceful strength and clarity, no matter what day it is.

3 thoughts on “A Random Tuesday

  1. This speaks so directly to my “one word” for this year…aware. I am trying to always be aware of God’s presence with me, not only on Sundays or when it’s convenient, but all the time.

    Thank you for your beautiful words.

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