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Dear Friend

In preparation for New Community Church’s five16 event this afternoon serving over 300 households in our city, I wanted to share the scripture motivating us to serve our neighbors with love.

It’s my sincere hope you will lean into the Bible, My Friend. Even if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus yet, especially if you don’t, just open the pages to see Who He Is.

He teaches us how to navigate this difficult world with love, strength, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and kindness. He modeled these things like no other. He inspires countless people to love beyond understanding. He gives eternal hope, not just for what we face today, but eternity. He saves us, taking away our sins and extending grace so we may extend it to others. He changes us, for the better, in ways we don’t necessarily realize in the day-to-day until we pause to look back at who we were and whom we have become.

He is the greatest man I know.

I prayed this morning that someone will soothe their yearning for peace through accepting Christ into their heart. God knows who that person is reading this, I write the words solely because of Him.

If it is you, Dear Friend, I am honored to be praying for you. If it is you, Dear Friend, who would like to know Jesus better, I am delighted to help introduce you. If it is you, Dear Friend, who lets Christ in today…

Welcome to the Family. Let your light shine.


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