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Snowy prayers

What I’d give for a bit of beautiful, white snow here today, Lord. While physical pain holds me inside this morning, the childlike wonder felt in simply watching snow fall soothes my soul.

I believe the peace it brings has something to do with the analogy of Christ washing us clean, making us white as snow. It’s also most assuredly the quiet heard upon stepping outside, seeing everything blanketed in stillness. And how our hurried lives are forced to slow down, finding reverence for the way God re-prioritizes our time. At this point in my life, the joyful memories of previous snow days spent with friends and family coming alive are also of such comfort, Jesus. Thank You for those treasured moments.

While there is no sign of snow in our weather forecast today, Lord, I hold hope in my heart for the immeasurable peace always found in You.

You are the Provider of all good things. I’m thankful for Your Faithful Promises over my life with no bearing upon the weather outside. Amen.


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