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How about you?

Good Tuesday Morning to you, Friend.

Today, I thought we should learn more about one another so we may pray for each other. With that in mind…

What are you hoping for? What is something you’re asking God to show you? Perhaps a dream of yours, something you are hoping to succeed at?

Share here so we may pray for you to have faith throughout the waiting, clarity in God’s answer and peace in His Timing.

I’ll go first to break the ice. I have hope that through my writing someone else may find encouragement, understanding and hope for themselves. I have hope God will use what I share to bless others, giving them peace through life’s trials and joys. I have hope God will grow the number of people I can share my heart with to further and deepen His Kingdom. And in that, I hope my readers will share A Berry Rich Life with others.

photo credit: YouVersion Bible app


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