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You’re Goin’ Down!

The solution (to fighting fear) is not more determination. The solution is faith. Louie Giglio How? 1. Stop. Don’t listen to the giants, no matter how loudly they yell, or covertly they whisper. Say it with me (yes, even you super polite people)…”SHUT UP, Giant.” 2. Out loud, speak over the fear. (C’mon introverts, you… Continue reading You’re Goin’ Down!

Christ · encouragement · Faith · Father · God · hope

Thank GOD

I did so well earlier, no tears cried today throughout our son’s much-anticipated graduation and celebration, surrounded by family and friends. This evening however, as I quietly think about our incredible children, woo-boy…all the feelings rise to the surface. I am beyond humbled, grateful and honored. I am, quite honestly, amazed. Our children are some… Continue reading Thank GOD